Coro X Now

Coro X Now provides both individuals new to Coro Southern California and alumni of our existing programming a chance to further develop and hone their leadership capacity and impact. These virtual trainings combine Coro’s three C’s – critical thinking, collaboration, and communication – into dynamic 90-minute workshops intended to clarify ambiguity and uncertainty leaders, teams, and organizations are currently experiencing. Open to participants from around the country, these virtual, standalone workshops will be held on Mondays from 12:00pm – 1:30pm PT.


Coro X Now builds on Coro Southern California’s already successful Coro X customized trainings, retreats, and collaborations to provide 90-minute virtual stand-alone workshops focused on introducing, practicing, and honing specific Coro skills and tools that’ll enable participants to further ignite action in their organizations, teams, and communities. **Participants will need access to Zoom.**

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Making Ambiguity an Asset: Monday, Nov 2nd
Examines the reasons behind our fear of uncertainty and the resulting paralysis and then pushes participants to lean into the ambiguity by “getting on the balcony” and assessing our knowledge (or lack thereof) by asking effective questions. Participants will explore the nature of effective inquiry and examine its connection to understanding what’s really going on in an environment and/or discussion.

Diagnosing Challenges Ahead of Us: Monday, Nov 23rd
Provides an introduction to adaptive leadership frameworks enabling clear understanding and distinctions between technical problems and adaptive challenges. Participants learn what sort of action is necessary to address the two types of issues moving forward. This session will equip participants with tools for accurately diagnosing problems to better identify solutions.

Managing Actionable Loss: Monday, Dec 7th
Examines the need to identify and understand stakeholders when taking action and how to assess and respond to stakeholder values and loyalties in order to anticipate the areas of loss, thereby creating collaborators, not adversaries. This exercise walks participants through the process of mapping stakeholders in a particular system or challenge, to uncover strategies to work more effectively.

Leading Into and Through Uncertainty: Monday, Dec 14th
Provides clear and effective project management tools that can adapt to the size and scope of your upcoming projects. By aligning process to purpose, this training offers tangible takeaways that can be immediately applied. Moreover, clarifying roles, responsibilities, and outcomes are critical for the success of any collaborative project.

Understanding and Owning our Leadership Style: Monday, January 11th
This session helps individuals understand their default patterns for communication and conflict resolution. Participants explore their own leadership styles’ strengths and blind spots, and how they can impact their teams’ dynamic and performance; understand the characteristics of others’ styles; examine each style’s behavior under stress; and learn how to develop flexibility and resilience to perform under pressure

Aligning Purpose and Organizational Structure: Monday, January 25th
This session examines the thread that exists between the individual, the team, and the system (i.e. organization), often resulting in stronger connections to mission. Beginning with an exercise around personal values, participants map the connection between what they personally value to the values that are embodied in the collective. Groups then explore how their collective professional values fuel and drive the mission of the system.

Prioritizing During Urgent Times: Monday, February 8th
Coupling an in-session urgency index assessment with a facilitated discussion on how participants manage tasks and time, this session exposes opportunities to more effectively prioritize responsibilities. With a goal of operating in a space of important and non-urgent tasks, participants will reflect on where they spend most of their time and will discuss strategies to move away from constant urgency and towards expanded capacity.


Participants are encouraged to register the prior Wednesday before the session on Monday. You can reserve your spot using this link.

Individuals: $100 per session and is due upon registration. Those who signed up for 3 or more sessions in a single transaction receive a 10% discount.

Teams/Organizations: When signing up 4 or more individuals from the same team/organization, $1,350 per session.

Registration closes 1 week prior to the session date. For cancellations prior to a week in advance, a full refund will be processed with the exception of a 10% processing fee. No refund will be provided if canceling within 7 days of the session’s date, however, you can move your registration to an alternative session if you choose. For cancellations, please notify Carson Bruno, Senior Director of Training and Programs, at