Fellows Program Highlight: Meet Bridget!

Hello! My name is Bridget, and I am a member of the 59th Class of Coro Southern California. I came to Coro with the intent to broaden my understanding of how systems operate together to create long term change. Previously, I spent two years teaching high school science in the Arkansas Delta, and six months abroad as an ESL instructor in Korea. Those experiences exposed me to systemic problems facing students, and prompted me to think critically about how educational opportunities can be improved. My involvement with Coro provided the opportunity to challenge and broaden my understanding of what is going on within our society, and how to approach complex problem solving. This recently occurred during my business placement where I worked with Denita Willoughby, the Vice President of Supply Management and Logistics at Southern California Gas. Her involvement on the board of a local education nonprofit allowed me to see how members of all professional sectors can be involved in efforts to improve the educational system within the Greater Los Angeles Area. Moving forward, I am looking forward to continuously challenging my paradigms of what it means to be an advocate for students, and where those efforts will take me upon graduation from Coro.

“Fellows Program Highlight”
Contributed by Current Coro Fellow
Bridget Bones