Fellows Program Highlight: Meet Michael!

Michael was raised in Riverside, California and graduated from the University of California, Riverside with a degree in Political Science/International Affairs. It was through the advice of mentors such as former Riverside mayor Ron Loveridge that led him to pursue Coro.
Pictured here, Michael discusses engagement strategies with the head of LADOT’s Vizion Zero Initiative, Nat Gale. During these last few weeks, Michael and another fellow, Tanya Ortiz, have been creating the public engagement manual for project managers and engineers for the city’s goal to eliminate pedestrian traffic fatalities by 2025. In working to connect transportation engineers with community stakeholders, Michael has worked to bring an entrepreneurial mindset to civic engagement. His spring project has exposed him to the impact of transportation systems in Los Angeles and a deeper insight on what it means to outreach to a community.
After Coro, Michael plans to involve himself in housing access and development. He ultimately wants to help solve housing affordability in the city.