Presenting the Coro Fellows

Class of 2020

The Fellows have spent the last nine months gaining a deep understanding of Los Angeles and learning firsthand what it really takes to be a civic leader. In light of the pandemic, they swiftly shifted to virtual activities, adapting quickly to this new reality. We’re excited to recognize their hard work and accomplishments, and we hope you’ll join us in celebrating the graduation of our 62nd Class of Fellows in Public Affairs!

When: Friday, May 29, 2020, 6:00pm – 7:30pm PST
Where: Online. Details will be sent upon registration.

For questions, reach out to Abril at or (213) 267-6478.

The Fellows are currently seeking job opportunities, and have a diverse set of skills and capabilities.

Semi Cole

Areas of interest: Public Service, Civic Tech, Future of Work, Entrepreneurship, Civic Engagement, (Environmental, Social, and Governance)

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R. William Dahlin

Areas of interest: International Relations, Statistics, Labor, and Economics

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Tiffany M. Darden

Areas of interest: Civil Law, Civil Rights, Entrepreneurship, Energy (oil & renewable gases), Criminal Justice, Systemic Change, Social Action

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Adrienne Ullman Epstein

Areas of interest: Research (democracy, rule of law, women’s reproductive rights, voting, homelessness, criminal justice), Development/Fundraising, Political Consulting, Government Affairs, Lobbying, Communications, Women’s Reproductive Rights, Politics, Campaigning

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Zahra Hajee

Areas of interest: community organizing, government and policymaking, housing, workers rights, and environmental justice

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Willow Grace Higgins

Areas of interest: Journalism, media, communication, politics, policy, equity and equality, racial and gender activism, arts and culture

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Serena Arielle Limas

Areas of interest: Law, Labor (Building & Construction Trades Unions), Oil Industry, Sports Industry (Gov/External Affairs, Philanthropy), Community Engagement

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Ted Olguin

Areas of interest: Community building, strategic communications, philanthropy, LGBTQ+ community involvement (health, discrimination, housing), government relations

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Axel Sarkissian

Areas of interest: Law; government; transportation (particularly aviation); national security (especially foreign affairs and defense).

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Kayla Tilton, MPH

Areas of interest: Public Health (health equity); Corporate Social Responsibility & Philanthropy; Government Affairs; Public Relations; Business & Economic Development; the Sports Industry

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