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  1. Behind the Scenes of Coro’s First Inaugural Water Hackathon in 2014

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    Last November, Coro Southern California convened more than 200 people dedicated to the issue of water in California.  The 6th Annual Water Conference entitled “Surfacing the Solutions” featured two panel discussions, a “hackathon” presentation, and a luncheon where Coro recognized key leaders and stakeholders in the water management in Southern California. Co-chaired by Mayor Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles and Jeff Kightlinger, the general manager of the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, Coro’s Water Conference brought together elected officials, water agencies, agricultural leaders and business executives invested in finding statewide solutions for California’s water future. The Water Conference merged several aspects of Coro’s core objectives: our expertise as a non-partisan convener to support cross-sectoral collaboration around public issues, and our strength and experience as a trainer of future leaders in public affairs.

    Here is an exclusive behind the scenes look at the Coro Fellows working all night on the water hackathon  

    What is the Coro Hackathon?  The Coro Hackathon is a civic adaptation of the modern technical hackathon model.  With minds instead of computers and inquiry instead of coding, Coro Fellows explore and synthesize the logic of a given societal issue.  The Coro Fellows were given a challenge of presenting a solution between water experts and the consumers. As part of the first ever Coro Hackathon, the Fellows interviewed several water experts and people working on developing innovative solutions to water challenges.  They explored how to work across sectors to merge innovative mindsets with existing systems, deep subject knowledge, and technical expertise to create effective solutions to numerous public needs.

    Join us for the 7th Annual Water + Sustainability Conference in Hollywood, CA