Youth Fellows Program, 2018

Daniel Sanchez

“Coro exceeded my already high expectations. I gained a plethora of knowledge from my Coro trainer, my cohort, and the amazing folks at the Los Angeles Federation of Labor, where my internship took place. I got an understanding of why inquiry is essential to solving issues in my community, and learned the power of effective questions. Coro gave me a platform to work with a group of leaders and free thinking individuals. My 2 week internship at the LA FED was probably one of the best 2 weeks i’ve had in my life. I learned about balancing ideas, working with others to come to collaborative solutions, and being advocates for a community you represent. I feel stronger because of experiences like these. I feel well equipped to handle adversity. Coro gave me the opportunity to realize the greatness within myself and envision a future where I can go back to my community and alter the status quo.”