Workforce Leadership Network, 2023

Diana Matamoros

Founder, The Latina Upskill Project

“As a participant in the Workforce Leadership Network (WLN), I found myself immersed in a dynamic community of diverse workforce development professionals committed to redefining their leadership and management capacities.

One of the highlights of the program is the emphasis on peer coaching. Learning from my cohort’s experiences and insights has been invaluable, broadening my perspective and sharpening my problem-solving abilities. The guidance provided by experienced leadership and human-centered design facilitators has been instrumental in honing my leadership approach, fostering innovation, and enhancing my strategic thinking.

Coro’s unique blend of experiential programming sets this program apart. The immersive experiences have not only stretched my professional skill set but have also encouraged me to apply these skills in real-world scenarios. The opportunity to connect with the broader Coro and regional community has expanded my network significantly, opening doors to collaborations and partnerships that have the potential to amplify the impact of my work within my organization and community.”