Fellows Program in Public Affairs, 1977

Frederick O. Terrell

Vice Chairman of Investment Banking, Corporate and Investment Bank, Wells Fargo

“I came to Coro with an appreciation for regional local government and how it could improve people’s everyday lives. However, I had absolutely no understanding of the business sector, labor community or the role that media plays in shaping our views about reality. While at the time I entered the Coro Fellows program I would have described myself as an “activist”, I didn’t have a good handle on how to channel my ambition and energy to be more impactful. 

Coro, my training director and my Fellows classmates opened my eyes to a world I never knew and the complexities of decision making. It provided for me the foundation to enjoy a diverse career that has included 35 years as a senior executive on Wall Street, various corporate, civic and non-profit governance roles as well as leadership roles within the New York City’s African American community. Without a doubt, the nine months I spent as a Coro Fellow and the relationships I made gave me the confidence I needed to reach greater heights and literally changed my life by providing me with tools for personal growth and effectiveness.”