Youth Fellows Program

Coro’s Youth Fellows Program (YFP) is a 6-week immersive, cohort-based summer program for rising high school juniors and seniors. This program is designed to foster the next generation of Southern California leaders, educating them not just about public life and institutions, but also how they can be more effective advocates and ambassadors for their communities. Participants leave the program with an understanding of how Los Angeles operates, stronger communication and analytical skills, more confidence, and a network of Coro alumni eager to support their career development.

“As their mentor, I could see the growth in each of my students who participated in the Youth Fellows Program. They blossomed intellectually and gained confidence. Both students applied early to colleges and both were accepted…They both wrote about their experiences in the Youth Fellows Program in their college essays. I believe that the trajectory of their lives will forever be transformed as a result of their experiences in the program.”

Robin Kurtzman, College Access Mentor

2020 Youth Fellows Interview CA Democratic Party Chairman and Coro Alum Rusty Hicks

Through Coro’s Youth Fellows Program, high school students learn to become active citizens in their schools and communities by using the county as a classroom. Coro selects a cohort of fifteen high school students from across the Southern California region to participate in a rigorous six-week, full-time summer program structured to deepen their leadership skills. Depending on the recommendations put forth by Los Angeles County health officials, the program will run in-person or virtual. YFP will run from June 20, 2022 – July 29, 2022, 10am-3:30/4pm.

The session consists of:

  • Three weeks of seminar training to build leadership skills and frameworks, informational interviews with community and civic leaders, and site visits for place-based learning
  • Two-week internship placement with a private, public, nonprofit or labor organization 
  • A one-week group project featuring site visits, interviews, and public speaking opportunities
  • LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT: Youth Fellows acquire tools, skills, and competencies rooted in Coro’s proprietary curriculum.
  • STRATEGY DAYS: Youth Fellows explore some of the most pressing topics affecting public life, and discover strategies for leveraging resources, collaborative networks, and decision-making power to effectuate positive change.
  • ISSUE EXPLORATION: Participants are encouraged to examine multiple perspectives around an issue, while being aware of their own biases and prejudices.
  • PEER-TO-PEER LEARNING: Through intensive cohort-based training and peer consulting, Youth Fellows form close bonds with their cohort members, who hail from all over LA County.
  • NETWORKING OPPORTUNITIES Youth Fellows will meet mentors and Coro alumni through internships, interviews, site visits, and Coro events.
  • INDIVIDUAL AND SMALL GROUP APPLICATION PROJECTS: Immersion projects give Youth Fellows a real-world opportunity to apply the tools they’ve learned, practice individual and group reflection, and analyze systems.

THE KNOWLEDGE Youth Fellows gain deep understandings of different sectors and how they work together to make the city function.

THE NETWORK Participants join a network of over 10,000 Coro alumni across the country, who can help with future academic and career development.

THE SKILLS Coro training gives Youth Fellows the tools and mindsets to effectively problem-solve.

Coro Youth Fellows Graduate With The Ability To:

  • Listen to multiple perspectives around an issue
  • Ask great questions to identify a problem
  • Be aware of their own biases 
  • Give and take constructive feedback
  • Create a career pathway 
  • Confidently lead in their schools, personal life, and communities

Any current Los Angeles-area high school sophomore or junior who isn’t afraid to get out of their comfort zone. Coro looks for participants who want to make a difference in their schools and communities, and are eager to learn, grow, and challenge themselves.

  • Current High School sophomores and juniors
  • Available to attend the entirety of the 6-week program from mid June to late July, 9am–5pm Monday through Friday

The Youth Fellow Program application is due April 1, 2022 and must be completed in one sitting. Prior to working on the application, please review Application Guide.

Applicants will be asked to provide demographic information as well as short answer responses and three essay questions. To give applicants time to prepare their answers before submitting the final application, essay questions are listed below. 

Essay Questions:

  1. Tell us who you are. You can describe your background, values, significant experiences from your past, and/or special hobbies/interests that have helped to shape your identity, values, and/or aspirations.
  2. What is the most challenging obstacle that you have had to overcome? Discuss the impact it has had on you and what you have learned from the experience.
  3. What are your reasons for applying to the Coro Youth Fellows Program? How will you apply your leadership training in your school or neighborhood community?

Applicants are also responsible for securing a recommendation from a teacher, coach, supervisor, or mentor (no family or friends). Recommendation forms can be accessed online here and should be submitted by the application deadline.

Tuition for the full 6-week summer session is $5,000 per participant. To request financial aid, please complete Section 6 of the online application. For more information about scholarships, email Callie Spaide at

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