Housing & Houselessness Leadership Network

The Housing & Houselessness Leadership Network (HHLN) provides cross-sectoral houselessness service providers and housing professionals with the leadership skills and a cross-sectoral network to advance their capacity to ignite action and impact within their organizations and across the region to better provide houselessness solutions and services. 

Participants learn from 1) peer coaching, 2) experienced leadership, DEIB, and human centered-design facilitators, and 3) the broader Coro and regional community through Coro’s unique blend of experiential programming to stretch professional and management skill sets through doing.

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About 60 hours of professional development programming from February to May meeting about twice per month. You can also expect about 5 to 10 hours spent outside of sessions on minimal Focus Day team group work and individual assignments.

The Programs are broken into four components:

  • Opening Retreat – Three day, two night kickoff to the program, laying key skills-building and cohort-building foundations.
  • Leadership Sessions – Facilitated professional, management, and leadership development skill-building sessions, including Coro’s signature Logic Study, Leadership Narratives, and Peer Consultancy modules.
  • Focus Days – Cohort-curated and led explorations of a challenge facing houselessness and housing to stretch your professional and leadership development in a real-time setting. The teams select the topics.
  • Peer Consultancy An adaptive leadership peer coaching module to better diagnose a professional challenge and determine possible steps to test solutions.

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Explore the 2023 HHLN program calendar for the dates and times of these program components and the programs’ attendance policies.

HHLN provides you with the leadership skills and a cross-sectoral network to advance your capacity to ignite action and impact within your organizations and across the region to better provide housing and houselessness solutions and services. The program enables you to enhance your knowledge of the housing and houselessness challenges and solutions (and the systems in which those challenges and solutions lie) by learning from Coro’s adaptive leadership curriculum and your cohort of peers.

The curriculum includes a wide range of professional skills-building:

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) and Anti-Racism
  • Effective Communication and Advocacy
  • Effective Inquiry and Critical Thinking
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Human Centered Design
  • Interpersonal Leadership Styles™
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • Negotiations
  • Project Management Tools
  • Public Narrative Frameworks
  • Self-Awareness and Self-Management Tools
  • Stakeholder Analysis and Coalition Building

Various components, such as the Focus Days serve as vehicles for you to exercise leadership and management skills-building in a real-time setting, enhancing your knowledge of a houselessness and housing challenge, while also practicing your professional development in an experiential way.

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The program creates opportunities for you to bring your professional work into the program.

  • Personal Leadership Commitment – you will name a specific area of growth you plan to practice over the course of the program.
  • Peer Consultancy – the peer consultancy case enables you to bring into the program a real-world professional challenge you are seeking to address and to seek peer coaching from your cohort.
  • Exploring Tough Interpretations – an adaptive leadership module that builds on Coro’s effective inquiry, giving and receiving feedback, and effective communication tools to illuminate your resistance to change.
  • Post-Program Letter to Myself – a culminating activity whereby you reflect on your Personal Leadership Commitment and set professional goals for your continued growth after the end of the program.

Coro values diverse perspectives, identities, experiences, and world views represented in programming and cohorts; as such, HHLN cohorts reflect the make-up of the region, representing a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and identities. 

Ideal HHLN candidates are those who:

  • work in, live in, and/or serve communities in Los Angeles County, 
  • have five (5) years or more of professional experience in the houselessness service provider, housing development, houselessness and housing policy and advocacy, and/or other houselessness and housing stakeholder space,
  • hold an interest in innovating solutions to Los Angeles County’s houselessness and housing challenges,
  • view houselessness and housing as a cross-sectoral field and are willing to communicate and collaborate with other stakeholders in and outside of the field,
  • have the support they need from their organizations to fully commit to participating.

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Multi-Perspective: You should be ready to engage productively with different perspectives and ready to engage in personal reflection. 

Intentional Ambiguity: A signature characteristic of Coro programming is generating intentional ambiguity, which works to highlight your defaults, ignite your learning, and support you to lead and manage through uncertainty. 

Learn by Doing: Coro views leadership as a practice; you should be ready to learn by doing with sessions as opportunities to lay the foundation; you will gain the most by taking the skills, tools, and frameworks and practicing/adapting them in your professional roles. 

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Thanks to generous support from Cedars-Sinai, Coro Southern California is able to offer HHLN to participants for a significantly reduced program fee of only $250.

The generous financial support of HHLN’s sponsors and program fee covers:

  • About 60 hours of expert facilitated learning, materials, and instruction
  • Overnight double-occupancy accommodations for the Opening Leadership Retreat (note: you can reserve a single-occupancy room for the Opening Leadership Retreat for an additional room fee of $450
  • 7 meals during the Opening Leadership Retreat
  • Interpersonal Leadership Styles™ assessment and materials
  • Lunch during full-day, in-person sessions
  • Closing Ceremony reception
  • Focus Day Stipends
  • Access to Coro HHLN GSuite platforms
  • Periodic HHLN community continuing learning and networking events
  • Upon successful completion, a Coro HHLN certificate of completion and access to the Coro community and special alumni-only events, programming, and platforms

You may incur additional incidental expenses due to your participation, such as transportation and parking costs and additional meals outside of those provided by Coro.

Participant Stipend: Thanks to the generous support of HHLN’s financial sponsors, Coro is able to offer a limited number of need-based participant stipends to offset expenses related to their participation, such as parking and transportation, day-care, or limited PTO. Applicants seeking participant stipends must complete at the time of application the relevant questions on the HHLN application.

Employer and Sponsor Assistance: Most of past participants have secured financial support from their employers to cover the program fee. We encourage you to speak with your employer or to engage your network about potential support.

Thank you to our Supporters