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  1. Love > Work

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    Dear Coro Family,

    Last month I was hiking in the Santa Barbara Mountains when I paused to sit and close my eyes for a few moments. As I sat in reflection, two domains of my life stood firmly at the forefront of my mind; my work at Coro and the love of my life. After 14 years of medical training Risha had been offered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity far from Los Angeles. In the weeks that followed I sought wisdom and inquiry from friends, mentors, family and loved ones. Today it is with a heart full of joy and gratitude that I share with you that Risha and I have chosen to move together and start a new life in Minneapolis.

    With a hint of poetic irony, the Coro tools played a key role here in my choice of love over work. I enthusiastically carry my Coro training with me to Minnesota in a new role of proud alum, monthly donor, and our first Minneapolis-based Coro Ambassador!

    Thank you all for being a part of this journey and making Coro what it is today. I hope to have a chance to connect with you all in the coming months and stay connected for many months and years to come.

    Please continue to read below for a message from my dear friend and Chairman of the Coro Southern California Board, Bruce Corwin.









  2. Wes Farrow to speak at City Impact Lab’s Social Impact Breakfast on March 3rd

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    Join us at City Impact Lab’s upcoming Social Impact Breakfast in Los Angeles on Thursday, March 3rd. Each breakfast features a set of speakers (Impact Makers) and an opportunity to connect with others working to make an impact.

    The next Social Impact Breakfast is on Thursday, March 3, 2016 at the 44th floor offices of Thornton Tomasetti in Downtown LA. Two dynamic breakfast speakers who are working to make an impact in LA will share their stories and insights into making that impact in LA:


    Robert Egger, President & Founder of LA Kitchen

    Wes Farrow, Executive Director of Coro


    About Social Impact Breakfasts:
    Everyday in LA, thousands of people are working to make the city a better place, improving the lives of fellow Angelenos. The City Impact Lab in Los Angeles brings together those working to make an impact — in government, in the arts, in neighborhoods, in non-profits, and in business — to share breakfast and jumpstart their effectiveness with tactics for success from impact-makers across the city.

    About the City Impact Lab:
    The City Impact Lab serves as a resource for Los Angeles as a way to inspire individuals, instigate action, and lead efforts to connect the city to build a stronger community by making a lasting impact. Powered by Stratiscope, the City Impact Lab was founded in 2014 to be a resource for civic leaders across LA. The Social Impact Breakfast is one of many programs that focus on convening and conversation for action and results.

    The 75 minute breakfast is formatted to provide attendees with the opportunity to 1) connect to others who can support their work, 2) learn tactics from expert “Impact Makers,” and 3) find ways to more effectively create a social impact in LA. Each breakfast includes at least 2 speakers providing their specific strategies to make an impact in LA. Space is limited to 35 attendees from a cross sector of government, non-profit, business, and arts professionals.

    Only $15. Space is limited, so register early.

    Thornton Tomasetti’s office
    707 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 4450 (44th floor)
    Los Angeles, CA 90017

    Social Impact Breakfast

    Thornton Tomasetti’s office is just a short walk from the 7th & Metro Station, exiting on Hope  Street.

    Parking is available in the Thornton Tomasetti building before 9am for a flat $16 fee, validation is not provided.

    Off-site parking available at:
    Joes Auto Parks Parking: 754 S. Hope St. – $10
    Athena Parking: 626 W. 8th St. – $10
    Pershing Square Parking Garage: 532 S. Olive St.