Housing & Houselessness Leadership Network, 2023

Jason Brown

Safety & Security Manager, WET Design

“Too often the narrative around houselessness is one of extremes, focusing on either the problems within the unhoused community, or the public officials trying to solve them. When I first learned about Coro’s Housing & Houselessness Leadership Network (HHLN) from a mentor and Coro alum, I was immediately intrigued. The idea of connecting with others working in this space was incredibly appealing.

I’ve gone through corporate management training before, with varying degrees of success, but participating in HHLN was very different. It was a truly diverse cohort with participants from all different sectors.

Our cohort was a microcosm of the housing and houselessness space at large: developers from the private sector collaborated with social workers and case managers. We shared a mutual respect for each other and our different areas of expertise.”