Meet the 2019 Youth Fellows

We’re thrilled to announce our 2019 Youth Fellows!

Quyen Ballagh

Senior, South Pasadena High School
Quyen Ballagh is the youth leader and trainer of California’s Go-Baby-Go team where she teaches teams to modify ride-on cars for kids with special needs. She holds many leadership positions at South Pasadena High School: varsity soccer captain, vice president of Amnesty International Club and head of the Peer Mediation team. Outside of school, she advocates for issues like environmental protections, immigrants’ rights, and women’s rights by marching, protesting and canvassing. Quyen is hard-working and determined, and through Coro Youth Fellows she hopes to learn skills to support change and equality in her world.

Jamai Brown

Senior, Brentwood School
Jamai Brown is the Vice President of the Black Student Alliance at his school and a member of the Ecology Club. He is an ambassador for Brentwood School and is often asked to be a representative for the school for potential applicants. Jamai is also a captain for the varsity football team, the section head for the pianists in the chamber orchestra, and an avid reader. Jamai has numerous leadership qualities, which he hopes will strengthen and grow while participating in the Coro Youth Fellows Program.

Kaylee Cho

Senior, Lycee International de Los Angeles
Kaylee Cho is captain of the girls’ varsity volleyball team at Lycée International de Los Angeles and class vice president. After school, she teaches at Elite Taekwondo, a local martial arts school, and tutors students in French. Every Saturday morning, she loves to volunteer at a homeless shelter and enjoys creating various types of visual arts. She is motivated and driven to achieve her goals. Kaylee hopes to learn from Coro Youth Fellows how to be an inclusive leader in both the Korean Catholic community and her culturally diverse French International School.

Jasmin Cruz

Senior, Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy
Jasmin Cruz has had a positive impact upon the Bright Star Secondary Charter Academy community. As part of Link Crew, she fosters a safe environment for incoming freshmen. In addition, her work with the Los Angeles Probation Department helps troubled youth her age make different choices that benefit themselves and their community. As the upcoming President of the Associated Student Body (ASB) club, Jasmin strives to be an ethical and thoughtful leader. Through Coro Youth Fellows, Jasmin wants to improve her leadership and communications expertise to become a capable, thoughtful member of her community.

Jack Dudley

Senior, Brentwood School
Jack Dudley is one of Brentwood School’s Prefects, a member of the School’s Service Club Board, a member of Brentwood’s Varsity Water Polo Team and the Vice President of the Brentwood Aid for Disaster and Disease club. He loves volunteering with veterans and Los Angeles’ homeless population. In his free time, Jack likes to cook, bake, and build. He’s a creative and compassionate person with an interest in social justice and politics. Jack hopes to use the knowledge gained during his time with Coro Youth Fellows for the rest of his life.

Emma DuFine

Senior, Marlborough School
Emma DuFine is a board member of Marlborough’s Violets’ Giving Circle, a student-initiated, donor-advised charitable fund that helps provide educational opportunities for women and girls, as well as a founding member of Chrysalis Next-Gen, a group that aims to create a pathway to self-sufficiency for homeless and low-income individuals. Emma interns at the nonprofit Baby2Baby and volunteers as a docent at the Museum of Tolerance. She also loves photography and spending time with her sister and three dogs. Emma is incredibly persistent, willing to overcome any challenge she faces, and tirelessly passionate about what she loves.  Emma hopes to acquire the skills necessary to mobilize her community towards tangible change through the Coro Youth Fellows this summer.

Angel Garcia

Senior, Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
Angel Garcia is a College Track Scholar, Lundquist Fellow, and student athlete. He enjoys working with youth from his community and strives to be part of the greater good. He is passionate about learning about his history and aspires to become an ethnic studies teacher at Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School in the future. Through Coro Youth Fellows, Angel hopes to learn important skills that will prepare him to be a successful role model in his community and lead the way for future generations.

Cameron Ito

Junior, California Academy of Mathematics and Science
Cameron Ito is the Associated Student Body Commissioner of Publicity and currently serves on his school’s Key Club Board and Class Board as Fundraising Commissioner. At church, he is on the Youth Leadership Council where he manages their social media account and helps to plan social events for the church’s youth. On weekends, Cameron enjoys running his own small business where he sells slime at conventions and through his online store. He advertises his products through his Instagram account which commands an audience of over one hundred thousand people worldwide. Cameron hopes to gain leadership and networking skills through Coro Youth Fellows to start a program in his community that uses slime as a earning tool for children.

Josue Martin

Senior, Harvard-Westlake School
At Harvard-Westlake, Josue Martin is a leader of the Latin American Hispanic Student Organization. To further his leadership skills, Josue attended both the Student Diversity Leadership Conference and the World Leading Schools Association conference in South Korea. He loves exploring Los Angeles on his bicycle and tutoring students from his community. Through Coro Youth Fellows, he hopes to learn how to navigate uncomfortable circumstances and strengthen his leadership skills.

Abel Mengistu

Senior, UCLA Community School
Abel Mengistu leads UCLA Community School’s Gear Up 4 LA Mentors Program and is a co-founder of the Photojournalism Club. He enjoys volunteering at LA’s Seoul International Park outside of school and loves experiencing and learning about various cultures in his community. He is ambitious, and when he is faced with a problem, takes action. While participating in the Coro Youth Fellows program, Abel wants to explore different perspectives and learn new leadership skills to ultimately create positive change.

June Metzler

Senior, Culver City High School
June Metzler is a Varsity runner on Culver City High School’s cross-country team, as well as a leader in the UNICEF and Asian Cultural Union clubs at CCHS. She is an academic mentor and one-on-one tutor for her fellow students. June enjoys learning about history and its relevance to current events, and is proud of her Korean-American heritage. She also likes traveling to new places and experiencing different cultures. June is grateful for the opportunity to develop new strengths and acquire a better understanding of the world by participating in the Coro Youth Fellows program. She hopes that this experience will help her explore her interests and prepare her for the future.

Alvaro Muñoz

Senior, Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School
Alvaro Muñoz is an active member of the Ánimo Jackie Robinson community. At school, he is an assembly member of Junior State of America and the academic director for the Link Crew mentorship program. He also mentors as part of the Leaders Looking Out program, which serves underclassmen in the special education program. He enjoys learning about different cultures, trying different types of food, and helping his community. He also enjoys participating in debates on a wide-range of topics. Through Coro Youth Fellows, he hopes to gain the skills needed to help create lasting positive change in his community.

Daniel Najera

Senior, Ánimo Jackie Robinson Charter High School
Daniel Najera is a leader at Ánimo Jackie Robinson CHS. As finance director of the Associated Student Body E-Board, he manages all school-wide fundraisers and budgets. He loves helping others whenever possible, as evident in his participation with Link Crew where he mentors ten freshmen as they transition into high school. He is a dedicated person, and when he sets a goal for himself, he works diligently to accomplish it. Daniel enjoys reading and keeping up with both national politics and world affairs. Through Coro Youth Fellows, he hopes to gain further knowledge that will make him a better leader to support positive change in his school and community.

Jessica Pablo

Senior, Choate Rosemary Hall
At Choate, Jess Pablo demonstrates her interest in politics and public service through her involvement in various school programs. She has been a member of the young Democrats club since arriving as a freshman, and also participates in the Hispanic-Latinx Forum, Girl Up, and the Choate’s own JFK Program in Government and Public Service. Jess enjoys every moment she shares with her teammates on the varsity soccer and softball teams. She is persistent in both her work in and outside the classroom, and she pushes herself to the best of her ability to reach her full potential. While participating in the Coro Youth Fellows Program, Jess hopes to learn from her fellow peers and  instructors, as well as find opportunities to help those in her hometown.

Arianah Rizzo

Senior, John Marshall Fundamental Secondary School
Arianah Rizzo was elected Associated Student Body President for her senior year, and enjoys volunteering through her school’s National Honor Society and Hispanic Honor Society. She was project manager of Girls Build LA Team, working to end the stigma surrounding mental health in her community. Arianah is interested in civic engagement, and is a committed person who takes pride in everything she does. Through Coro Youth Fellows, she hopes to gain the knowledge she needs to further her leadership skills and create change in her community.

Victoria Topalian

Senior, Rose and Alex Pilibos Armenian School
Victoria Topalian is an enthusiastic member of her school’s Model UN. She annually volunteers with the Armenia Fund, where she helps raise money and awareness for underprivileged Armenian villages. Victoria enjoys mentoring others and helping younger students navigate high school. With the help of Coro Youth Fellows, she hopes to strengthen and further her leadership skills in order to have a positive impact on the community.

Amanda Zetina

Senior, Theodore Roosevelt Senior High School
Amanda Zetina is a rising senior at Theodore Roosevelt High School. She is on the school softball team, and participates in several different programs and clubs on campus, including TELACU College Readiness. She loves to attend MEChA, a student club that promotes Chicano history and culture. Optimistic and always ready for a challenge, Amanda volunteers regularly in her community. Through Coro Youth Fellows, she hopes to learn how to network and gain the skills necessary be an ethical leader.