Climate Resilience Leadership Network

Developing stewards to nurture resilient communities

The Climate Resilience Leadership Network fosters robust leadership development in an experiential cohort-based program designed to awaken, build, and grow stewards needed to create and nurture healthier and more resilient communities in the Los Angeles region.

Participants will benefit from adaptive leadership skill-building through Coro’s unique blend of experiential and immersive programming, peer learning, capacity-building explorations with experienced community leaders, climate resilience practitioners, trained facilitators, and partners, and network exposure to the broader regional community through cross-boundary collaboration.

This program has been designed in collaboration with Accelerate Resilience Los Angeles (ARLA) and the Regenesis Institute.

Benefits for Employers

Coro’s programs deliver deep impact (see more in the “Program Impact & Testimonials” tab above and in the Program Benefits Guide) at a highly subsidized professional development rate. Climate and environmental work and the challenges your team members face while engaging in this work are complex. Investing in your team by expanding their skills, network, and knowledge further builds your capacity to deliver on your organization’s mission. 

Supporting team members – either financially and/or with the time and space to participate fully in CRLN – yields strong organizational benefits by:

  1. Demonstrating your commitment to the employee, increasing their feeling of engagement, which often leads to higher productivity, loyalty, and retention;

  2. Increasing the skills of employees in critical positions that can be incorporated departmentally and instilled in their direct reports; and 

  3. Motivating all employees by signaling that leadership and a commitment to their work is rewarded by the organization.

Connect with Coro to discuss an organizational partnership and nominate a member of your team for CRLN.

Coro engaged with a wide-array of organizations to learn more about the leadership development needs for professionals working across and within the issues of climate change and action including:

  • Accelerate Resilience Los Angeles (ARLA)
  • Amazon Web Services: Energy and Environmental Policy
  • Climate Resolve
  • Council for Watershed Health, Safe Clean Water Program (SCWP)
  • County of Los Angeles, Chief Sustainability Office
  • Fernandeñno Tataviam Band of Mission Indians
  • LA Compost 
  • Los Angeles Waterkeeper
  • Metropolitan Water District of Southern California
  • Pacoima Beautiful
  • Public Works Partners
  • Raimi + Associates
  • Regenesis Institute 
  • River LA
  • University of California, Los Angeles,  Luskin School of Public Affairs

Organizations listed do not necessarily constitute an endorsement of the CRLN program, or Coro, by the organization.