Southern California’s complex, entrenched challenges require leaders with the leadership mindsets and networks to collaborate across silos and organizations, develop a foundation for accountability, trust and transparency for their teams, organizations, and communities, and to ultimately ensure our region’s social, economic, and civic health.

Coro’s Executive Leadership Network (ELN) convenes executive leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors for an intensive, part-time leadership training collaborative.  Leaders expand their leadership mindsets and cultivate a thriving professional network over the course of 6-months and 50+ hours of leadership development. 

ELN fosters the sharing of critical leadership perspectives, experiences and insights across functional and organizational boundaries to encourage robust exploration of ideas and practices that will contribute to the development of adaptive leaders and to agile, empathetic, high-performing organizations and teams.

Participants emerge with a robust, cross-organization network of colleagues committed to each other’s growth in pursuit of a thriving Southern California and beyond.


Executive Leadership Network convenes a cohort of executive leaders for a six-month program with over 50 hours of in-person and virtual leadership development sessions. 

Executive Leadership Network includes:

  • Six, full-day seminar sessions
  • Four small group peer learning sessions 
  • A 360 assessment 
  • Personalized coaching sessions 
  • Ongoing Coro networking events

ELN includes both virtual and in person sessions.

Session 1: Friday, Jan. 28, 10am to 4pm*

Session 2: Friday, Feb. 25, 10am to noon, 1pm to 4pm

Session 3: Friday, Mar. 25, 10am to noon, 1pm to 4pm

Session 4: Friday, Apr. 22, 10am to 4pm*

Session 5: Friday, May 27, 10am to noon, 1pm to 4pm 

Session 6: Friday, Jun. 24, 10am to to 4pm* 

*Session takes place in-person.


Building Cultures of Trust, Accountability and Transparency

Working in executive leadership — whether leading an organization, department, function, region, or movement — is challenging and multi-faceted.  Most senior leaders are dealing with a variety of interwoven factors, which often require balancing the internal with the external, the individual with the organizational. 

An expansive perspective, a leadership mindset, a high level of comfort with ambiguity and a community of supportive peers are all essential for the success of executives to lead thriving organizations, teams and movements, ultimately contributing to the health of our civic institutions.

At Coro, we believe that highly effective executive leaders can transform the culture of their organizations by building a foundation of trust, accountability and transparency, and we designed ELN — a cohort-based incubator — to drive that vision.


Executive Leadership Network Fellows will:

  • Expand their leadership mindsets and develop an adaptive leadership framework. 
  • Develop a supportive network of peers and strengthen cross-organization, cross-industry, cross-sector and cross-community networks.
  • Create innovative solutions through inquiry and discovery.
  • Develop a high tolerance for ambiguity and explore frameworks for navigating teams through uncertainty. 
  • Build strategies for developing organizational cultures that allow for experimentation, learning,  trust, accountability and transparency.
  • Build the skills to reduce gaps between organizational values and lived reality.

Executive Leadership Network Fellows are established executives who:

  • Are in the C-Suite or at the VP level. 
  • Live and/or work in Southern California.
  • Are seeking personal and professional growth.
  • Are seeking to expand their professional and personal networks.
  • Are committed to expanding their self and spatial awareness.
  • Want to learn from a cohort of peers.
  • Are committed to creating a more inclusive and equitable Southern California.
  • Commit to meet for all scheduled program activities.

Tuition is $6,500, and includes seminar training, individualized coaching sessions, a 360 leadership assessment, and food and refreshments for in-person sessions. Payment in full (or agreement with Coro on a specific payment plan) is required before the start of the program. Partial, need-based scholarships are available. Participants are encouraged to seek their employer’s or other sponsor’s support for the program. Please contact us for information and guidance in seeking employer or sponsor support.