The Executive Leadership Network (ELN) convenes seasoned leaders from the public, private, and nonprofit sectors for a collaborative, part-time leadership training intensive. Participants expand their leadership mindsets and strategies and cultivate a thriving professional network of peers ready to problem solve together over the course of 6 months and over 50 hours of facilitated leadership development. 

Participants benefit from 1) individualized 360 leadership assessment and executive coaching 2) experienced leadership, mindfulness, and DEI facilitators, and 3) structured peer coaching exercises.

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“The Coro Executive Leadership Network experience was a transformative one, both personally and professionally; following years of leading through the COVID pandemic, the space created by the program team and my colleagues in ELN was a much-needed refuge where I could focus on my own growth and realignment of my values. I emerged a better version of who I previously was – reinvigorated and with a re-doubled commitment toward leading for change that is more just and equitable for the communities I serve.”

– Sarah Figueroa-Freeman, (ELN, 2022), Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Para Los Niños


Meeting across a variety of in-person and virtual full- and half-day sessions from January to May, ELN includes the following program components:

  • Leadership Seminars – Facilitated executive leadership development sessions that center the unique challenges and opportunities of executive leadership and multi-stakeholder management. Sessions provide participants with frameworks to engage in deep professional and leadership reflection to develop strategies and relationships to navigate teams through uncertainty.
  • Individualized Executive Coaching & 360 Assessment Participants will engage with an executive coach throughout the length of the program. This executive coaching will kick off with a comprehensive personal 360 assessment leveraging the Leadership Versatility Index™, which provides leaders actionable insights into their motivators, behaviors, and blind spots enabling a deeper understanding of interpersonal dynamics and promoting higher performance. Using the results of this assessment, the executive coach conducts one-on-one sessions with each participant to support their development of an action plan and address the opportunities identified in the assessment.
  • Peer Consultancies – An adaptive leadership peer coaching module to better diagnose professional challenges and determine possible steps to test solutions in an empowered environment with experienced professionals.
  • Leadership Journey Networking Dinners – Coro curated dinner after select sessions over the course of the program will further enable participants to build meaningful relationships with cohort colleagues. Coro will also invite other seasoned regional leaders and executives into this space to further enhance the ELN program networking opportunities.

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The curriculum includes a wide range of executive leadership skills-building:

  • Adaptive Leadership
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, Belonging (DEIB) and Anti-Racism
  • Effective Communication & Advocacy
  • Effective Inquiry & Critical Thinking
  • Interpersonal Leadership Styles™
  • Leadership Versatility Index™ (360 leadership assessment)
  • Managing Diverse Teams
  • Mindfulness Practices
  • Network Building
  • Self-Awareness & Self-Management Tools
  • Systems Thinking & Stakeholder Analysis

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The programs create opportunities for you to bring your professional work into the program and program learnings into your professional life.

  • Personal Leadership Commitments – you will name a specific area of growth you plan to practice over the course of the program.
  • Exploring Tough Interpretations & Peer Consultancy – two adaptive leadership modules that enable you to understand your own resistance to change (providing a glimpse into opportunities for enhanced impact and effectiveness) and bring into the program real-world professional challenges you are seeking to address and to seek peer coaching from your cohort in an empowered environment.
  • 360 Assessment & Executive Coaching – you’ll have the opportunity to engage in deep reflection on your professional and executive strengths and opportunities via the Leadership Versatility Index™, a 360 assessment, and individualized executive coaching based on the feedback.
  • Sharing Your Impact and Vision – your leadership offers value to your work and we want to make that value visible. Through a concluding activity you will synthesize the program’s impact and set commitments to continue your capacity building beyond the conclusion of the program.

ELN Is For You If

  • You are or have been an organizational executive or member of the senior leadership team of an organization; 
  • You are committed to deepening your professional leadership capacity and executive mindset alongside a cohort of peers; 
  • You are looking to expand your personal and professional community.

Coro values diverse perspectives, identities, experiences, and world views represented in programming and cohorts; as such, the Coro ELN cohorts reflect the make-up of the region, representing a wide array of backgrounds, experiences, beliefs, and identities.

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Multi-Perspective: You should be ready to engage productively with different perspectives and willing to participate in personal reflection. 

Intentional Ambiguity: A signature characteristic of Coro programming is generating intentional ambiguity, which works to highlight your defaults, ignite your learning, and support you to lead and manage through uncertainty. 

Learn by Doing: Coro views leadership as a practice; you should be ready to learn by doing with sessions as opportunities to lay the foundation; you will gain the most by taking the skills, tools, and frameworks and practicing/adapting them in your professional roles. 

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ELN tuition is $8,500. The tuition covers:

  • Over 50 hours of expert facilitated learning, materials, and instruction
  • Two hours of individualized executive coaching
  • Leadership Versatility Index™ 360 assessment and analysis
  • Interpersonal Leadership Styles™ assessment and materials
  • Leadership Journey Networking dinners
  • Lunch and refreshments during full-day sessions
  • Closing Ceremony reception
  • Ongoing Coro and ELN Program learning and networking events
  • Upon successful completion, a Coro ELN Program certificate of completion and access to the Coro community and special alumni-only events, programming, and platforms

You may incur additional incidental expenses due to your participation, such as transportation and parking costs.

Organizational Assistance: 80% of past ELN participants were fully or partially financially supported by their organizations as part of the organization’s professional development efforts for their participation in ELN. We encourage you to explore potential support from your organization due to the immense benefit this program provides, not just to you as a participant, but also to the organization as a whole.

Coro Scholarships: Coro makes available limited partial, need-based scholarships. If you are interested in being considered for partial, need-based scholarships, complete the scholarship questions on the application. While Coro strives to provide financial support to all accepted candidates demonstrating need, scholarships are not guaranteed. Coro may also make available payment plans for tuition payments.