Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the 2020-21 Los Angeles Fellows Program in Public Affairs has been adjusted to operate fully virtually until circumstances and local public health mandates related to COVID-19 prevention allow. While safeguarding the health and safety of our Fellows and their households as well as that of our staff, program partners, and community members is a primary concern, we are also deeply committed to preserving the integrity of the Fellows Program experience. While this year, no doubt, presents unusual challenges and circumstances, it also affords us all many unique opportunities to learn about and exercise leadership, and “rise to the occasion”.

Though this year’s Fellows may not be physically “in the field” in the traditional sense, the cohort is still very much “in play”, diving into their exploration of the Southern California region via virtual placements, seminars, and Focus Weeks, and connecting with Coro community members via virtual meetings. While opportunities to connect directly with the Fellows may be limited to virtual events and meetings (for now), we invite you to #followtheFellows as they share about their experiences and learning over the course of their (unconventional) Coro journey via the following blog posts and on our social media channels.


Starting Out

This year has played out differently than how many of us envisioned it would. As the 63rd class of…

Electoral Politics Placement

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